Aval Vannathinu Shesham Malayalam Movie Online HD

Aval Vannathinu Shesham    December 17, 2015

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Aval Vannathinu Shesham Malayalam Movie Online HD

The movie begins with a teenage girl writing a novel, about a ten year old village girl who is living with her uncle after the death of her parents in car crash. She’s is treated very roughly by her uncle, and the girl doesn’t like her at all. One day she ran away from uncle (on Monday) to the metro city. Where she tries to manage her lively hood own. In the metro city she meets the female lead who is an Air hostess (quite bold & emotionally matured) and gains her sympathy and attentionThe female is from Delhi but she’s a half Malayali. Heroine won’t live with her mother as she has a boy friend and lives with him in Delhi. When she gets a week holiday after every two months from her job and heroine has a boy friend he lives in the same city.Similarly the small girl meets the male lead character (very silent and emotional person) who works in an Antique shop. He also loves a girl and she also loves him. But they haven’t communicated there love to each other as the boy hesitate to communicate.The ten-year-old girl comes in to there (Hero & Heroine) life and makes the two people come close to each other by making them understand that the people they love doesn’t deserves them and make them love each other. While they come close to each other the little girls uncle finds her take her away. Just before the day the Heroine have to live her work. This makes both of them upset, and when the little girls moves away from them they also don’t finds a reason to be together.The very next day the girl again escapes from her uncle and goes to meet Air Hostess as she would be leaving on the same day, but the girl doesn’t meet her as she is not there and has gone out. So the girl writes the letter to her and leaves. Then the girl goes to meet the hero and ask to go and meet the Heroine for the last time to say a goodbye. The Hero is also upset and agrees the same, the mean while airhostess is leaving for her work and founds the letter and wish to see the little girl again. The disturbed Heroine rushes in search of the girl and founds them. At that time she finds her happiness life in with them.

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