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Vangaveeti    23 December, 2016

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Chalasani Venkataratnam (Vamsi Nekkanti) is a supreme union leader CPI politician in Vijayawada. Vangaveeti Radha (Sandeep Kumar) is a small timer who attracts the attention of Venkataratnam. Radha joins the group of Venkataratnam and widens his base. After some time, Radha becomes a dominant player and Venkataratnam tries to tame Radha. Radha along with his gang murders Venkataratnam. Vangaveeti Radha gets a firm grip on entire city of Vijayawada after murdering Venkataratnam. Gandhi (Kautilya) and Nehru (Shritej) are brothers and students who come to seek help of Radha to curb external influence in college politics. Radha, Nehru and Gandhi floats a student organization. A high level politician from communist party plots the murder of Radha to avenge death of Venkataratnam. After the killing of Radha, his brother Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga (Sandeep Kumar) becomes the head. Ranga is level headed unlike his temperamental brother Radha. Differences crop up between Radha and Gandhi/Nehru which causes a split. They start another student organization. Rest of the story is about how Nehru brothers and Ranga fight over the dominance on the city of Vijayawada.

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